Over the course of one weekend for eight months, you will give birth to a whole “New You.” No matter where you are at now, you will grow and expand even more into your “Authentic Self.”  Especially as you gain more clarity as to the “specificity” of your Purpose, your Passion, your Vision, your Mission, your Special Unique Gift and you will be able to assist your clients to do likewise, “Priceless.”

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Have you found Your Purpose, Your Passion?

Mission Statement

“Train the trainer, empower our students to excel in their own organic natural way, to get in touch with the specificity of their Purpose and Passion, their Special Unique Gift; to manifest this in their Personal and Professional life, thereafter experiencing Unconditional Acceptance and Love inside themselves and giving that to others.”


We believe that everyone has a natural ability to coach others and that everyone deserves a coach. Can you imagine a World where people are asking “How can I support You?” and meaning it? We can . . . and we hold that as a vision for a World that works.  We believe everyone deserves to have their Life Work!

Life Coach Certification Training

The Curriculum of Coaching which teaches all you need to know

to be highly effective as a coach. 

Learn About our Classes

LifeWorks Certified Coach

Farra Allen has coached clients since 1994 and has

trained and certified coaches since 2006.  He has a

Master’s Degree in Psychology and counseling, a

Law Degree and lots of life experience.

More About Farra


“Live Your Authentic Self”

Get a taste of LifeWorks School of Coaching at our classroom in Sandy Springs as this will give you a direct experience of our work.  Begin to get in touch with your Purpose and your Passion as well as experience our new inner work, HeartBrain Coherence.

Contact me and I will reserve a seat for you as there is limited seating.

It is always the 2nd Wednesday of every month, we suggest you arrive at 7pm and we start promptly at 7:30.  We go until 9:15/9:30 and I will be available afterwards to go over the entire curriculum with you if you would like.

Location: Corporate Commons 4651 Roswell Rd. Sandy Springs 30342, Suite G-604.

Our Yearly 2017 LifeWorks Certified Coach Training starts October 21 and 22

and is limited to 6-8 students

Keep an eye out for a very special deal.

LifeWorks Master Coach Training

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we are unable to enact the shift that we want to produce, albeit with our client/s or ourselves.  Some hurdles are higher than others   This training is designed specifically for generating “forward movement” precisely in these situations. Utilizing cutting edge Somatic Coaching Techniques you will learn how to connect your heart with your brain creating new neural pathways (heart/mind configuration).  Along with creative new methods of body-mind work, one is able to release deeply seated patterns of Every Day Trauma.

Coaching With Farra

All of us come in with a “calling” a “Soul Purpose” which for most is unbeknownst to us.  This is happening naturally and organically inside each of us and you will uncover yours, your “Special Unique Gift.” As you do and express it fully in the World you will experience fulfillment in the act of doing so, irregardless of the result. This is an opportunity to Manifest” what has been “stirring” up inside of yourself for some time.


Our Graduates Speak for Us!

What Makes Us Unique


Our unique psychological approach delves into “family of origin” issues thus getting at what tends to stop us enabling you and your clients to go beyond where you and they are.

This re-identification of the Self takes place in you and your clients as you connect with your vision, your mission, and your passion and become your authentic Self.  We like to say “I used to be different, now I am the same.”

As you go deep within through inner work, classroom interaction, coaching and POD [Personal Ongoing Development] work – you are supported by fellow students in between the weekends – the work alters the being that you are. This enables you to truly “make the difference” in the life of another that you have always wanted to do.

You don’t merely learn how to “do” coaching, you “Be” come a coach.

In Conclusion…

This program is “not for everyone,” it takes a certain “bent” towards doing/being this deeply transformative work.  Upon completing the course you will become a LifeWorks Certified Coach (L.C.C.), a Life Coach PLUS!  If this approach resonates with you, you are meant to be here.  If not there are other ways in which you can learn and get certification.  If you find this attractive come to one of our Introduction/Open Houses, experience The LifeWorks Experience or grab one of the 4-6 seats available now for our next 9 month Certification Training now!

I came upon The Lifeworks School of Coaching at a time in my life when I was at an important crossroads, seeking direction. I had recently entered a new field in my career, and the instruction and coaching training assisted me in my day-to-day work activities. I knew going in to the program that I was not going to be a full-time coach; still, I utilize the skills and techniques I learned back in 2007 to this day, to assist me with the co-workers and clients I come in contact with on a daily basis. I find what I learned in the course to be invaluable in helping to make my Life Work, in general. There is no doubt that Lifeworks has played a key role in helping me to be the success that I am today.

Henry Brent

Client Manager, American Express Global Commercial Payments

“LifeWorks provided a safe and sacred space for me to embrace all that I am. Through Lifeworks School of Coaching, I was able to discover my true passion and purpose of assisting others from a place of wholeness. If I had never coached a day in my life, LifeWorks was the biggest gift I ever gave myself.”

Carolyn A. Jones, LWC

The Energy Architect (TM)


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